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January 10, 2009

So here we are listening to the news about how Israel is dropping leaflets to the Palestinians trapped in Gaza. WTF? right?!! Who in their right mind thinks that this is at all going to be effective? The Israelis don't really care what happens, we've already seen it on then news. I sense that they're just wanting that last strip of beach-front property so that they can continue on their journey. It's become more of a headache than that because the Palestinians have a right to be there and blossom as a nation. It looks as though the Jews are the Anti-Semites in this special case against the Palestinians from all of the forceful movements being made in this region. I agree that both sides are at fault. But if you really think about how the story pans out, Israel should have never become a nation, period. What if one day the UK declares that all of the Indian reservations in the US were all recognized as separate nations? Would the US just step aside and acknowledge them as separate? I don't think so. Even if the US were to comply, I'm sure allegations of terrorism in these regions would cause tension and the only answer would be to protect and arm themselves just as the Palestinians have done. It's always been about land, power & influence. This is exactly how the nation of Israel was formed because another nation recognized a group as a people in a nation. That's it! No one else stood by and decided to counter that recognition and so the story goes. Surprising to say it was the British in around 1948 that had been trying to keep Jewish illegal-immigrants from fleeing to Palestine which was primarily Arab. But it's not like that mattered because the United Nations decided in 1949 to split the land! WTF #2?? How the hell is this possible? The land was never in Jewish hands, and now your telling me that this fictitious governing world body can decide to split land? Would it seem right if the UN cut the US in half? What about in California? What if we Latinos/Hispanics of Mexican decent decide we want to be part of Mexico again? Would we just have to influence the UN? Probably not, the US has too large of a stake in that club. But it's the same damn thing! The US, being part of the founding members of the UN has been played by the sob stories of all Israelis trying to find a home. Home should no longer exist for these people, get over it and assimilate with the rest of the nations or get out of the game. Palestine should have never been divided, and should be given back to the people that been occupying it long before WWI and WWII and all of this fake Anti-Semite bull.

Just because throughout history the Jews had been exiled into random locations over Europe over and over again doesn't mean that we should feel that bad for them. They as a people have been playing under the radar making friends with those in power and playing both sides of the coin for personal gain. They should consider themselves lucky. I seen a lot of conquered peoples and most of them don't survive. It's in the books. What it really boils down to is what friends you have I guess. Apparently the US seems to side with Israel because of that whole war on terror bullshit that I have no patience for. We have not been any safer since 9/11, all airports are always on orange alert. It's all a ruse and false sense of security. As long as our government keeps showing us captured terrorists on the evening news every month like clockwork right in between our “entertainment” we're never going to wake up as a nation and demand our money back!

Just like our government is being run by politicians that no longer care about anything else rather than themselves and their self voted pay raises amidst this economic turmoil, the UN is being run by countries that also would like to control the who, what, where, when and why of anything remotely positive and beautiful in this world.

Waiting on the world to change, John Mayer had a point!


Here is an interesting site I was able to find, at least someone was filming the other side of the story:

Although Wikipedia is edited all of the time and can't really be good reference, I still think it's a great starting point whether or not it's correct.
Like I said before, I am no Anti-Semite, I am no Anti-Jew, I am no Anti-America.  I would just like to think there's a better end to this bloody war that seems it's only going to get worse, soon.  All parties at fault; Israel, Hammas, the UN and it's bullshit council, the US and it's narrow perspective on foreign relation.  Last but not least to the "freedom fighters / terrorists" I feel for your pain, but enough is enough and there needs to be true diplomacy.  We are not going to be on this planet for long so lets figure something out.
Let us all agree that there is no such thing as GOD and the DEVIL, heaven or hell, we should be giving ourselves more credit as a species and not live in such fear.  I for one love the term HOPE, but only to a realistic extent.  If everyone realizes that simple thing, we probably would not have had so many wars under our belts, so much blood on our hands, or so much hate in our hearts.





January 28, 2009
I guess this is why people create things to display stuff on this here in-ter-net. So others can wish they were as smart as us. But I am part of the others, right? I don't find myself to ever be part of that "small percentile" of smart folks.  But I wish I was sometimes, just smart enough to know to always be funny.  I love comedy.  I love the random scenarios of establishing weird moments with your friends, and hella laugh about it.  keep the ball rolling so to speak.  But that's my truth.  I never wished to be a rock star, or a rocket scientist, or the best soccer player. Hell, maybe even a cock-sure attorney lawyer.  My ultimate dream would be to be a secret spy or a Shaolin Master from time to time, but nor do I find myself to be that violent.  It's more for the knowledge of how to do all of those things, to be able to react in a split second in order to get out of some pretty difficult situation. And then just when you thought you've reacted to everything. Some body farts! But it really boils down to comedy for me.  laughing is the most amazing emotional reaction.  If done properly, it can be heart attack funny... I think.  I haven't done any immediate research. Even in the most trying times of ones life, humor shows us the soul of another and the bright side of things. In the end what do you really really have.  Faith? Good luck mixed with a dash of whatever and a little sprinkle of chinga tu madre? I believe in what I have to offer this world and that's it... right? rabble rabble rabble in book form, no thank you.  Believe whatever you want but make sure it makes you into an actual good person like one that doesn't use quotes, but instead types them in italic.  Bummer.


"If it's been out of your hands for quite a while, why let it ruin your day.  just smile."  - does that make it more manageable? quotes... instead of in italic?fine.


the end.